Address: City East Plaza, Rollerjam, Business Park, , Limerick
Phone: +353 87 236 6866
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Work time: Monday:10a.m.-8:30p.m.

About Munster Martial Arts – Tang Soo Do Korean Karate & Kickboxing

Munster Martial Arts – Tang Soo Do Korean Karate & Kickboxing, is located at City East Plaza, Rollerjam, Business Park, Limerick, , IE

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Hello & Welcome\n\nWelcome to Munster Martial Arts which is Limericks leading traditional Tang Soo Do school as seen on RTE’s Bullyproof. At Munster Martial Arts we teach Tang Soo Do Korean Karate & Kickboxing and focus on helping each student reach their potential in a positively disciplined environment that helps to build confidence . Munster Martial Arts is one of Irelands most accomplished karate schools where students  have enjoyed competition success in 8 countries winning at championships in   USA, Wales , England, Holland , Poland , Belgium, Italy and here at home in Ireland . While every student may not wish to compete it is our goal that each student receive the highest quality of instruction. We are internationally affiliated as part of the ITO meaning all grades received are internationally recognised.  nWe also pride ourselves on providing a very welcoming and positive place for students with special needs and have many students with autism, dyspraxia  and various special needs who are a very important part of our Tang Soo Do family.  nThe ability to improve our students lives through improved confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem is something we are very proud of. Many of our students have been very successful in national and international competition but much more importantly through other aspects of their daily lives.nWe help all of our students to achieve their peak potential through our martial arts classes while also benefiting from enjoyably, positively disciplined classes.\n\nOur Instructors\n\nMaster Pat Forde\n\nRead More\n\nGrandmaster Giacobbe\n\nRead More\n\nGrand Master Kim\n\nRead More\n\nWe help all students learn martial arts skills and life values that are just as important today as when the martial arts that we teach were first practiced.\n\nProtection from Bullying\n\nThe protection of kids from bullying is something our chief Instructor Master Pat Forde is very passionate about. Master Forde has training in the UK to provide a programme to help kids and families deal with bullying and he delivers anti-bullying workshops and parents talks all over Ireland. Pat is also the founder of Stop the Bully Ireland. nThrough his work with Stop the Bully Ireland Pat has worked with hundreds of schools around Ireland helping them to deal with bullying situations and given thousands of kids nationally the skills to deal with bullying situation. nStudents and families at Munster Martial Arts also benefit from this experience providing kids and parents a positive solution that helps empower kids turn bullying situations around with improved assertiveness and confidence. Anyone interested in this aspect of our work can read more here.\n\nOur students of all ages learn repect, discipline, work-ethic, confidence and self-esteem and learn to apply these values to their training and also to their daily lives to reach their true potential.nMany of our students have achieved fantastic results through our classes.  Internationally our Tang Soo Do school is highly respected and we have being achieving international success with our students since 2009.  Our most recent successes since lockdown have included successes in Italy , Holland and a historic result for and Irish team in Atlantic City USA . nWe are internationally affiliated to the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organisation (ITO) which has schools in the USA, Ireland, Wales, England, Italy, Greece, Belgium & Iran. Our students enjoy twice yearly visits from Grand Master Dominick Giacobbe. Our lead instructor is Master Pat Forde who commenced his martial arts training in 1989 and is the Irish Chief Instructor of the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organisation.nOur focus is our students and our commitment to our students is that we strive to help them achieve their best possible results. Munster Martial Arts emphasises martial arts participation and not competition within our classes. Positive Martial Arts instruction benefits the whole person: mind, body and spirit and can help develop values and skills beneficial to every aspect of your life.\n\n

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